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When and if at all was the last time you listened to yourself on the telephone?

Have you listened to yourself taking a call on Rightmove, Zoopla or whatever company that records your call? It is fascinating!

Were you smiling when you took the call? Where you upbeat, happy, enthusiastic, friendly? Or were you, frustrated, rushed, unhelpful. Of course you do not think you would be the latter, however you have always to be 100% focused on picking up that telephone. I can assure you in the past, I have heard some calls which made me angry.


The owners of companies spend thousands and sometimes millions, yes millions on making the telephone ring just for you. Through advertising etc. You have aprox 2 to 5 seconds to make an impression. Just before you picked up the phone to answer the call, you might have been dealing with an angry client, a difficult transaction, be the only person in the office and are busy, etc etc. THERE IS NO EXCUSE IN NOT PROVIDING A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE TO THAT CALLER.

What everyone wants is a friendly, happy cheerful soul on the other end of the line who is going to provide them with OUTSTANDING customer service. Yes you may say Chris that is all well and good. There is always exceptions to the rule. THERE IS NOT!

You are on stage 10 or so hours a day, you have to concentrate, listen to the caller and HELP THEM TO THE BEST OF YOUR ABILITY. But ALWAYS in a friendly and happy manner. Why are you so tired at the end of the day? It is due to a massive amount of concentration and if you like, being on that stage, so to speak.

WHY then as a former agent, now specialist property recruiter, am I banging on about this? Because when I receive a call back, or speak to ANYONE, why do I not hear people who are enthusiastic and happy on the phone! How can I recommend this candidate to anyone when they cannot sell themselves to me, let alone to a potential employer!

I started my recruitment company 18 months ago to make a difference. To recruit the best property related staff in the industry, to help everyone, where I can. I am not perfect but when I receive a call, I always try to be happy, upbeat, enthusiastic and positive!

All I ask is you consider doing this one thing.

If you haven't heard yourself on the phone, do not be afraid to say to your line manager/ boss.... 'do you have any recordings of me I can listen to'. He/ she or they will respect you for it. You are willing to learn and to potentially expect positive or negative criticism.

Everything though is feedback and it is not a slant on you in any way, its all about improving and trying to get better. You may already have done this exercise and good for you. DO IT AGAIN. I promise you it will be one of the best things you will ever do. To help you to be even better.

Best Of Luck!


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