Why use Abundant Recruitment?

Abundant recruitment offers the best possible personal service and we genuinely do care! If you have not used a specialist property recruitment company before to recruit your staff, or are just unsure what is the best direction to go, please be reassured that by using Abundant Recruitment, you have found the right company.

We Always Meet with you!
Unlike some recruitment companies, we always visit our clients. This will provide a clear understanding to you, of how we operate and the culture and ethos of our company, along with a clearer understanding of yours. By visiting your offices and discussing your detailed recruitment requirements, we will then establish which candidates would be most suited to your company.

We Make Sure We Introduce The Right People
We visit and thoroughly discuss the candidates career and get to know them over a period of 1 to 2 hours. This will enable us to make sure they are the right fit for your Company. We are not CV pushers and it is clear to all candidates that, although we have plenty of jobs on offer, they will have to be serious about their career and make sure they are the right match for the specified job.

The good news for you is you will not be wasting your valuable time seeing candidates that are not right for your company and allowing us to remove from the process, potential stress and strain. This enables you to carry on doing what you are good at, earning money!

Psychometric Profiling
For further peace of mind, we are able to offer you, Psychometric profiling of potential candidates. These have been proven to provide a very useful insight to both candidates, characteristics and personalities. It is truly quite fascinating and in the majority of cases, amazingly accurate!

Advice With Up To Date Salary Packages
We can, free of charge, offer our advice on what the market is paying for any specific job.

Confidentiality At All Times
Whatever sensitive information is discussed we will not divulge. Protecting the interests of both clients and potential personnel.we are fully compliant with GDPR which came into force on the 25th of May 2018. 

Knowing Our Clients- References
We can advise with references, due to the vast amount of contacts we have in the industry and can obtain advice from past employers to assist in screening any potential employees.

Free of charge to you the client, all costs of marketing are borne by Abundant Recruitment, to include extensive campaigns, where required.

The Recruitment Process

If you have never used a specialist recruitment Company before the following will provide a better understanding of how the process works: 

How Much Do Our Services Cost?
Generally the very first question is what the cost of using Abundant Recruitment is! Our fees are on a strict no placement, no fee basis.

Meeting With You, The Client
We shall arrange a meeting at your office to discuss how Abundant Recruitment operates and the cost of our fee to find and interview the right individual(s). We will also ascertain from you all about the vacancy(s) you are looking to fill. We will run through in detail with you all the information about the role and a typical job description.

Searching For A Suitable Candidate
We shall search our database for a suitable candidate, once we have ascertained from you exactly what your requirements are.

The Interview
When carrying out market research, we found the biggest complaint from companies was they were being inundated with non-qualified CV's. As previously mentioned, we are not CV pushers. All candidates introduced will be thoroughly vetted by us and only then, will an appointment be made.

We shall contact you, the client, to discuss the candidates suitability and once agreed will arrange a convenient time and place to meet. Confirmation will also be via a phone call and email to both parties. We will also endeavour before the interview to meet the potential candidate and to discuss the job role again in detail.

Feedback from the Interview
Within 24 hours we shall provide honest and transparent feedback to both parties.

The Offer Of a Job or Rejection of a Candidate
This is the part where using an expert recruitment company really helps. By passing on the good or bad news, we will always deliver it in an expert and professional manner.

If there is anything you would like to discuss with us, in confidence, please do contact us now on 01932 841 069 or email 

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