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We have experience and knowledge in the industry which is second to none, providing you with top quality and honest advice and to find the best job that suits you.

Our Clients are the Best in The Business

The companies we deal with are from successful one branch Independents to large award winning independents and corporate companies, therefore providing you with a great range of roles to choose from. We will place you with the right companies which will allow you to fulfil your potential and inspire you to perform to the best of your ability.

We Endeavour To Meet With You To Discuss Your Career Requirements

After our initial conversation, we shall endeavour to meet with you to discuss your career so far and how we can help. We can then get to grips with how you are feeling in your current role and career so far, we have two ears and one mouth, so more listening by us and less talking is the order of the day. We offer the personal touch and are genuinely keen to help you further your career and aspirations, as well as offering the best possible advice.

We Have Over 30 Years Experience In The Property Industry

We love what we do, assisting you to find the best possible jobs and career positions. We will pass on our knowledge to you, where appropriate and help with CV writing, interview techniques, presentations etc. We offer the complete package with honest and constructive feedback in all facets of the process. We are here to help you all the way.


We are not CV pushers. Before we send to a client your CV it has to be a job that you are looking for and we have discussed. We ALWAYS respect your thoughts and comments. We will recommend jobs which are suitable for you and also whether you will be the right for the particular client. Complete transparency is the key, ethics and integrity are words we hold in the highest extreme. We are also fully comply to the new GDPR regulations that is law from 25th of May 2018. Please see Privacy policy on our website.

We Deal with Many Clients on an Exclusive Basis

All of our current jobs are advertised here on our website. We are instructed on many vacancies which are on an exclusive basis, trusting us to find the best staff before any other recruitment company. This is because trust has been built up from our hundreds of contacts over many years of being in the industry.

Would You Like Us To Confidentially Approach A Particular Company on your behalf?

If you instruct us to do so (which is free) we can approach on your behalf the companies you would like to work for and work with, even if they are not actively recruiting.

Writing Your CV

Exceptionally Important! From past research, a poorly laid out and constructed CV which does not sell yourself and is one of the biggest criticisms we have received from our client feedback. We will advise you on the best layout for your CV, which we can discuss in more details when we meet as part of our free consultation process.

Preparing For the Job Interview

"Fail to Prepare, Prepare To Fail

Interviews are all about preparation. Good preparation is the key to a successful interview. By being prepared it will probably set you apart from your potential rivals.

Research and Know The Job and The Company you are going to Visit

It is a mistake to go into an interview unsure of what the actual job is, the best way to avoid this happening is to print off the job description. Then make a mental or written note before the interview on how you already meet this role or how you could potentially and enthusiastically build upon this, based on your experience so far. If you have already sent a covering letter with the application detailing these points, well done you! Request a copy of this also. Read through the job description again so you can plan ideas as to what the interviewer may ask you during the interview.

Researching the company is very important and will also impress the interviewer if you have carried out your due diligence on the company. It also shows you care!

Planning Your Journey

Seems simple enough! However the biggest complaint from interviewers is, he/she arrived late! It is imperative to be at the destination 15 minutes earlier than the interview time, so you can park your car or if you are travelling by train arrive with sufficient time to relax and if need be pop in to a nearby cafe to read over your notes. So you can walk into the interview on time, make sure that you walk in 2 minutes early not 2 minutes late!

Practising Answers

Have fun with a friend or practice in a mirror. Body language and facial expressions are key so it really is a good exercise and it is fun. It will make you more confident when the interviewer asks these potential questions:

  • Can you describe for me a typical day in this type of role?
  • How long have you been at the company and what do you like about the company so much?
  • How would you describe the work environment?
  • What would the company like to achieve in the short and long term?
  • What targets would I need to hit?
  • When I do well and want to move forward with my career within the company, what types of career opportunities could be open to me?
  • Is there ongoing training and development within the company?       

This will again show you are keen and interested and it really goes a long way to impress. Do not forget to have a list of questions you might ask your new employer or interviewer about the role or company!!

Dressing To Impress

Remember that first impressions are always important, when you meet anyone in a professional environment.

Suggested Items to Bring With You To The Interview

1. Mobile Phone - You should always have your phone with you so we can contact you if there are any problems. However make sure it is on silent when you attend your interview.

2. Pen and Notepad - this will ensure you can capture any notes plus useful if you have any questions you might like to ask the interviewer.

3. Curriculum Vitae - Have a copy of your CV with you, so you can cross reference as the interviewer may refer to this as part of the interview. It will help to put your mind at rest, as you will have the same information in front of you, as the interviewer.

4. Job Description - Have a quick look before you go into the interview. Making any notes on this where you fit the role, as memory joggers

5. Plan for the weather - Look at the weather forecast in advance. If needed, bring an umbrella!

After reading this you can now understand how preparation really is the key to success.

Interview Dress Code

"Dress to Impress, first impressions are always key!
Simple- You must be smart

Choose a decent tailored suit, sticking with conservative colours such as navy or black, (would suggest not a large pinstripe) Investing in a reasonably expensive suit is well worth it and especially if it fits properly! Make sure your appearance is clean, tidy and professional. If you have a beard, make sure it is neatly trimmed.

Always wear a long-sleeve preferably a white shirt and preferably double cuff with cufflinks, which must be tailored to fit you. NEVER turn up to an interview without wearing a tie. Again pick a good quality tie. Your belt should match your black and shiny, clean and polished shoes and always wear dark socks. Invest in all areas of your appearance and it will pay off as well as make you feel good!

We would suggest a two-piece matching suit with trousers or skirt or smart dark appropriate dress. Again dark conservative colours are all appropriate. These should be a smart fit and not too tight.

We would suggest wearing a tailored blouse under your jacket. Wear comfortable shoes. Lots of rings on your fingers and bracelets etc should be avoided, keep jewellery to a minimum. Bring a nice bag. Hair and appearance should be clean and tidy.

Make-up should be natural and not too much, you don't want the interviewer only focusing on your too dark eye shadow! Nails must be both clean and a natural shade.

At The Interview

"You Are Now On Stage, Perform To The Best Of Your Ability And Most Importantly, Be Yourself" :)

This is the moment you have been planning and waiting for...Go for it!

  • Always show up 15 minutes early.
  • Be well turned out, presented, shoulders back and head held high, be confident and show an interest in the role.
  • Make and maintain eye contact, offer a genuine smile, a good firm but not crushing hand shake and introduce yourself with authority. Listen with both ears and think before you speak.
  • Sell yourself- why the interviewer should give you the job, what achievements make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Research the company thoroughly before the interview and express genuine interest in the company.
  • You have the list of questions you would like to ask your interviewee before your appointment, ask them at the appropriate time.      

Finally relax, be positive, happy, enthusiastic, upbeat and convince the interviewer that you have the right attitude and you will not go wrong. Call us afterwards to discuss how you got on and we will also provide open and transparent feedback from the interviewer.

Good Luck!

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